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hydro power - solar power - wind energy - bioenergy


Hydro power

Harnessing the energy of water to generate power has always been a challenge for humankind.

Even today, new technologies are still being developed in this field. ... more about hydro power

Solar power

Solar power is the energy generated by the sun through thermonuclear fusion. Some of this energy reaches the earth’s surface in the form of electromagnetic radiation.

The sun is our largest source of energy, supplying about 3.9 × 1024 J to the earth’s surface. This corresponds to 1.08 ×1018 kWh or about 10,000 times the world’s primary energy demand. ... more about solar power

Wind power

Wind power is the kinetic energy inherent in the atmosphere’s air mass on account of its movement.

Being indirectly caused by the sun, it is a renewable source of energy. Wind has been used as a source of inexhaustible energy since antiquity. ... more about wind power


Bioenergy is the generation of energy (heat and electricity) from biomass.

Because biomass is a renewable source of energy, bioenergy pays a valuable contribution to climate protection and to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. ... more about bioenergy